Appreciation to the longest ride

That is bad.

I never thought of things getting so far, until I couldn’t get to breathe properly. The humming voices, the smile the smell, it gets to me all the time, like I can feel that you’re all by my side with me, that never leave. I get exited in everything that you’re involved in, get happy when you’re trying to annoy me, and like the humble gentle you as well.

Turning back to look at everything, it was so strange, weird for the first time. We didn’t talk much, but started to hang out with a bunch of people, and we went to so many places, started to make time for each others. How did I feel was really great, didn’t want to be alone but I’ve got a companion. Knowing me the best, treating me as a lad at the same time gentle treating me as a woman. Started to feel that you’re getting so much important in my life, I can’t bear losing a best friend like you. Too precious to let go, too pain to not talking to you.

Having you talking to me every time somehow comforts me a lot, wonder you’re really that good in taking care of girls, or probably you know girls better. The warning been given by lot of people somehow makes me a little scared, but I know I am cleared with myself, not to drown inside the deep side of the water. Having you knowing my thoughts, my tears, sharing secrets at some times the hug is comforting and warm.

Spending time with you, never a bored time, even we’re lying around doing nothing, but you know that at least, you’re not alone anymore. Although the hearts are lonely, the great companion heals everything up. A best soulmate is the longest ride in your life. Find someone who is also your best friend, your everything. It sums up what you need in your life.

Just wanna say, thank you.


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