The importance

The birth of a new life.

It appears to become the something that attaches to you, you can’t get rid of it. You thought that you would be fine, you’re a strong wooden piece, but you’re so wrong about yourself until the word ‘importance’ fell onto your back.

It attaches to you, you run and run and trying to get away from it but you can’t. When importance falls apart, you feel everything in it, and care everything in it. You laugh at yourself, so hard. You never imagine this day will ever come. Your life is all painted in cold colours, people beside questioned you why ever you like colours like this, but that’s the type of colours can actually paint out your feelings, especially black and white. You thought you’re all okay, you’re all fine by yourself, until there’s one night you dreamed of importance crashing down in front of you, into shattered pieces, and you started to yell, you cried so hard trying to put all the pieces back. You even cut your hand, you bleed so hard, you lost so much blood and you almost lost your consciousness, you told importance “I’ll definitely fix you up”.

Importance never talk, because you’re clear enough to know the values, so there’s no need to keep saying unwanted words to tell or ask. The importance of always staying by your side, giving you moral supports when you really needed to; The importance of always telling you how important this and that could be; The importance of always having the world most gratified smile and look at you without saying a word. Yes, Importance is shy, so intro, coy, apprehensive, but itself always have the best smile that could melt you and warm you up. Importance becomes so important to you and you’ve gotten yourself cling to it, because you know you won’t want to lose it; because it’s going to be your guidance when you’re weak enough to stop pretending; because you know it is the brightest light in your dark tunnel like the phantom of the opera.

It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important. ——— Sherlock Holmes.

The importance of warmth when you wake up from terror nightmare in the dark; the importance of affirmed when you started to doubt your ability; The importance of having good food when you’re almost die from hunger; The importance of feeling ‘at least I wasn’t alone all the while’ when you’re completely done with all the horror struggling days; The importance of knowing you’re safe; The importance of knowing what you really want; The importance of love, that you can assure that you’ve everything.

We all matter – maybe less then a lot but always more than none.   ——– John Green

And yes, the importance of the eyes- I see through everything.


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