It’s just hard to keep reminiscing the good old days and all we have to do now is to live with all the uncertainties.

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We are too afraid to move forward our life, too scared to dream something big.

We are scared of losing something or someone, hence we hold on to this very moment that we have. We care of them and treat them as they’re so fragile, and can’t afford one fall. We knew it deep from our heart, that nothing will last forever. We cherish every seconds we have and do whatever we could to keep memories alive.

And it’s the evolution of technology.

People started recording everything with the help of technology, posted them up on social media sites and etc. Not to ignore how powerful social media sites spreading all the important information around the world, a strong platform for artistry and creativity flow through, and it slowly become a competitive platform.

I’m a girl who was born in the era where to see the growth of internet. From the dialing tones with a long extended wires to something we can get it every where. I mean, who still remember the notifications from MSN? The very simple platform before Facebook was established- Frenster (Can’t remember how to spell, so bear with me)? Phone and text doesn’t matter anymore, or we need is a Wifi or Data usage. And now we are using the touchscreen mobile phone and contacting each other by using Whatsapp.

I was working on my Master paper for a few months regarding crowdfunding issues (I had some helps in understanding it), I realise how powerful the technology has become. We can even see now Finance platform is collaborating with Technology to create an even better future. Sharing out ideas and thoughts through social media, but no one has realised the fact it has slowly destroy the humanity. Realistic has come into the way where social media sites have becoming a competitive platform. In order to look good in front of social media, people have start becoming realistic and forget about what is their real life purpose; forgetting about differentiate between privacy and publicity; materialistic comes in the way and it obviously has trained a lot of ‘unwanted’ judges based on a bunch of photos in social media.

People stop caring for each others in real life. They care about social media too much. It was supposed to be a platform to connect people around, sharing ideas, spreading creativity and it helps people to breed evilness. Some group of people started feeling upset and depressed because people commented too much on them, judge on their appearance and make them insecure. The supposing speaking freely term becomes an advantage for people to raise their evilness, started with the cyber bully issues. How many people have been killed by cyber bully over these years? A recent Netflix series Thirteen Reasons Why by Asher Book has reflected the ugly truth of people using the technology with a wrong way, eventually it destroys friendships, family, relationships and humanity in overall.

The absence of real heart and mind; lost of communications among people. We don’t talk anymore, we scroll and we judge. What’s the most: We, assume. By assuming, it destroys so many lovely wonderful possibilities, and people get mad with each other without the power of words. People don’t read and try their best to understand anymore. Friendship break off because social media has turn into a competitive based platform, likes and followers have become a necessity to feed off. Creativity doesn’t matter anymore, and freedom of speech has become a killer feeding the anxieties and insecurities. Relationship it’s just about showing off, people have forgotten how precious to have two people falling in love together, the hours that couple should spend with each other, the privacy that each should spare.

How pathetic have our lives become? We could have a normal happy life, imagining a future with people we love, And on top of all that, humanity has slowly destroyed among the community, darkens people heart and mind. A part of social media destroys the happiness and a part building a wonderful unpredictable future.

Which one do you think it comes first?


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