That, was almost impossible

Fairy tales.


How many stories have you heard and what have you learned? Snow White was the princess who has a kind heart and get poisoned by her stepmother because of her beauty, saved by the true love kiss of a prince; Mulan, the heroine whom replaced her father and fought ferociously in the war, showing the world that women are strong too; Or Pinocchio’s nose gets longer every time he lies; The famous Ugly Duckling story, an ugly black duck turned into a beautiful swan. After reading the ‘New Fairy Tales’ and so? Be kind, polite, strong, or confident? Or are you focusing on just the happy ending?

Selena Gomez has that one song with the chorus ‘This is a modern fairytale, no happy endings no wind in our sails’ touches my heart every time when I listen to it. Yes, what she was mentioning in the song and the period she was writing this song is about relationship. But let’s stop right there, it’s the part where she realised and accept the reality faster than anyone, any celebrities especially when she was born a Disney star.

A girl can definitely dream. In the reality, we have to work hard for a happy ending. There is no such things as being nice, polite and kind can bring you to the princess world we used to dream of. A so-called Peter Pan’s version of Netherland never exist. But hey, even if fairy tales don’t exist in this world, so what? Upset and keep swimming in your own dream? Dreams are never real, cold hard truths are always the storm that keeps coming into your way sailing to your destination. Striving was never enough, no matter how hard you try. You started comparing yourself to others even though that was the last thing you wanted to do. You were working so hard for everything, just to see the sun rises again.

I adore fairy tales.  They were pure, innocent (at least the life before we were born in) and happy. I take their values and join them all into one. By putting values into realistic perspective, it’s not easy. You have to really understand the meaning of values and accept the current situation in. There are these worst days and best days, when your own adrenaline would play hide and seek, tricking your emotions and judgments. There were moments you wanted to give up so much, because the future is too vague to tell, and based on circle where you’re standing at the moment, it doesn’t seem to give more of a chance.

You get tired, of everything, Tired of listening to people, tired of feeling exhausted, tired of feeling upset. Take a deep breath, and listen to some music to cool off your mind, and go to bed early. Wake up in the morning, get yourself some hot drinks (lemon, tea, coffee and etc.), make sure you have a good breakfast to start off a brand new day. What’s wrong with keep trying? What’s wrong with fighting your goals? As long as you don’t give up, chances would never leave you alone. Who knows, one day that 1% would be attracted to you.

It’s alright to get tired, but don’t ever give up easily. I guess the greatest value hidden among all the fairy tales was courageous. Cinderella wasn’t fated to be with the prince, she certainly has taken her courage to go to the ball even though she knew her stepmother and stepsisters were there; Belle took her courage to save her father and in exchange to free his father she has to stay with the beast; Ugly Duckling didn’t give up but took up so much courage to continue living its life. All we need is courage to change the twisted fate, to live and fulfill. So what with a little scary thing that is just one step ahead you? Be brave to accept it, give out your best and you will be able to cross the stumbling block free and easy.

That, was almost impossible. Tell yourself that, will you?



Till next post.


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